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畫作 1956 割膚之愛 Love of Transplanting Skin

「割膚之愛」1956年 李石樵

「割膚之愛」 1956年 李石樵


「Love of Skin-Graft」1956 Lee Shih-chiao

In June 1928, Dr. David Landsborough IV grafted his wife Marjorie Landsborough’s skin (who volunteered to donate the skin from her thigh) unto a 13-year-old boy Chou Chin-yao to save his life. In 1956, Dr. Tu Tsung-ming, the former Kaohsiung Medical College superintendent, invited the artist Shih-chiao Lee to create the painting “A Skin Graft with Love”. Dr. Tu expected that this painting could serve as a reminder for the personnel of Kaohsiung Medical University of the very beginning mind: practice medicine to save people.


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